Downtown Map of Historic Wallace Idaho

NORTHWEST CORNER of Wallace imagemap is shown. Clicking on appropriate sides or corners takes you to adjacent sections. Clicking on a business gives its street address, phone number, additional information, and in many cases, an opportunity to proceed to a website or inquiry form. Some unmarked spaces are also clickable, giving information about available buildings for sale or rent, as well as details about the town and the roads leading out of town. Also indicated are locations used in the 1996 filming of the volcano disaster movie Dante's Peak, starring Pierce Bronson and Linda Hamilton. Can you find them all?

This map is more than FIVE years old...        See what had changed by December 2006.         

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The above map was designed and produced at Bank Street Printing by Jeff Legg in the spring of 2001. This interactive version was last modified on May 31, 2001.

Below are three Score Cards for Wallace Business since then. While net GROWTH is naturally important, the FLUX or movement of business into, away from and around town characterizes the dynamic environment that exists in this community of 960 people. In 65 months, 110 businesses opened, closed, changed owners or locations in downtown Wallace, for a net gain of 2 businesses!

So why haven't I made another map? Partly because it would NEVER be current for more than a month or two, but also because I want you to come to town and experience the change in the air for yourself. Pick up a current map in any store, and walk around to discover what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what makes you want to be part of our future. The town is just about to emerge as a preferred four-season mountain recreation destination. Dare to jump into the midst of the energy surge at the Center of the Universe (conveniently located at the intersection of Sixth and Bank). It could be your Opportunity of a Lifetime.

Wallace Business Growth Table, October 2003 thru December 2006
Business Growth and Flux in Wallace, Idaho
October 2003 through December 2006
    NEW        (growth = 13, flux = 13)
  1. A & E Computers
  2. Century 21 Branch Office
  3. Just Good Stuff
  4. Loving Care and More
  5. Placer Village Books
  6. Red Light Garage
  7. Reflections Day Spa
  8. Silver Valley Capital
  9. Silver Valley Mining Association
  10. Simple Options & Solutions (vacation rental)
  11. Sterling Mining Company
  12. US Silver, Inc.
  13. The Mistress (vacation rental)
    OPENED and MOVED        (growth = 2, flux = 4)
  1. Attic Treasures now at 520 Bank Street
  2. The Price Tag now at 618 Bank Street
    OPENED and CLOSED        (growth = 0, flux = 20)
  1. AJ's Engraving
  2. Bon Bon's Video Rental
  3. Cali Boards
  4. Cedar Street Emporium
  5. Connie's Lounge
  6. Dramatic FX
  7. Northwest Computer Supply
  8. QuarterEnd
  9. Shirts & More (now only on internet)
  10. Vintage Games
    CHANGED LOCATION        (growth = 0, flux = 2)
  1. Marsh Scientific Services
  2. Tomlinson Black Realty now at 517 Bank Street
    CHANGED OWNERSHIP        (growth = 0, flux = 9)
  1. Albi's Steak House
  2. Cobblestone Collectibles
  3. EJ's Pizza
  4. Jameson Inn
  5. Pizza Factory
  6. Smoke House Saloon to Smoke House Saloon & BBQ
  7. Stompin' Grounds Coffee House to Family Affair Coffee & More
  8. Sweets Lounge
  9. 1313 Club
    GONE        (growth = -16, flux = 16)
  1. Cam's Vintage Ladies Apparel (out of business)
  2. Fonk's General Store (out of business, 1898 building)
  3. Idaho Magic, LLC (ATV & Snowmobile Rental) (out of business)
  4. Leona's Place (vacation home sold)
  5. Northwest Diamond Essence (out of business)
  6. Rullman's Antiques (out of business)
  7. Silver Valley Pets (out of business)
  8. Silver Valley Travel (out of business)
  9. Shearmaster Barber Shop (out of business)
  10. Shoshone Funeral Services,Inc. (moved to Kellogg)
  11. Sweets Cafe (out of business)
  12. The Fire House (out of business)
  13. The Turf (sold)
  14. TightLink, LLC (sold)
  15. Victoria's Victorian Bouquet (sold)
  16. Wallace Corner (out of business, 1890 building)
Wallace Business Growth Table, August 2002 thru September 2003
Business Movement thru Wallace, August 2002 to September 2003
    NEW (growth = 13, flux = 13)
  1. Avant Studio 613 Bank Street
  2. Cam's Vintage Ladies Apparel 520 Bank Street
  3. Granny L's Boutique 417 Sixth Street
  4. Idaho Magic, LLC (ATV & Snowmobile Rental) 515 Bank Street
  5. Idaho Treasures 506 Bank Street
  6. Leona's Place 416 Second Street
  7. Northwest Diamond Essence 208 Fifth Street
  8. River Sy 1 Kelly's Alley
  9. Rullman's Antiques 418 Sixth Street
  10. Silver Valley Pets 611 Cedar Street
  11. Stompin' Grounds Coffee House & Stuff 412 Fifth Street
  12. The Fire House 424 River Street
  13. Tomlinson Black Realty 518 Bank Street
    OPENED and MOVED (growth = 2, flux = 4)
  1. The Silver Bear from Sixth Street to 416 Fifth Street
  2. Good Ole Days from Cedar Street to 506 Bank Street
    OPENED and CLOSED (growth = 0, flux = 4)
  1. Anita's Quality Clothing Consignment
  2. Antiques Plus Coffee & Donuts
    CHANGED LOCATION (growth = 0, flux = 1)
  1. Idaho Silver Shop now at 606 Bank Street
    CHANGED OWNERSHIP (growth = 1, flux = 1)
  1. Wallace Laundry Mat REOPENED
    GONE (growth = -3, flux = 3)
  1. Cam's Ladies Apparel (out of business)
  2. Notions, Potions, & Brews (out of business)
  3. Rullman's Mens Wear (out of business)
+ 13
Wallace Business Growth Table, May 2001 - July 2002
Business Movement thru Wallace, May 2001 to July 2002
    NEW (growth = 0, flux = 0)
    OPENED and MOVED (growth = 0, flux = 0)
    OPENED and CLOSED (growth = 0, flux = 2)
  1. Rainbow Connection
    CHANGED LOCATION (growth = 0, flux = 3)
  1. Alliance Title now at 412 Cedar Street
  2. Bank Street Printing now home based, call (208)512-0294
  3. Majestic Taxidermy now at 500 Bank Street
    CHANGED OWNERSHIP (growth = 0, flux = 5)
  1. A Little Change to Best Little Hair House
  2. Carol's Barber Shop back to Shearmaster Barber Shop
  3. Cogswells Coffee House back to Smoke House Saloon
  4. McGlynn's Book Store
  5. Sweets Cafe
    GONE (growth = -10, flux = 10)
  1. Edwards and Associates (moved to Missoula)
  2. Little House of Bargains (out of business)
  3. Needleworks (out of business)
  4. Northwest Mortgage (closed branch office)
  5. Sammy's Bowling Alley (out of business)
  6. TESH (moved to Kellogg)
  7. Tina's Collectables (out of business)
  8. Tomlinson Black Realty (closed branch office)
  9. Total REALTORS (out of business)
  10. Willows Antiques (went to internet only)
- 10
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