Images of Wallace Idaho

courtesy of the USGS

The resolution of Wallace given beside each photo corresponds to the resolution in the enlarged (800x600 pixels) and annotated version, a click away. These photos were taken in September 1992.
click to enlarge 1 meter/pixel

Wallace Inn, Depot Museum, Bordello Museum, Mining Museum, Public Library, and Placer Creek located on enlargement
click to enlarge 2 meters/pixel

origin of roads leading north to Dobson Pass and south to Moon Pass indicated on enlargement
click to enlarge 4 meters/pixel

Visitors Center, Burke Canyon and Forest Highway 456 indicated on enlargement
click to enlarge 8 meters/pixel

Silverton and Woodland Park residential areas, and Galena and Sierra Silver mines shown on enlargement
click to enlarge 16 meters/pixel

Osburn and associated residential areas, and two mountain peaks indicated on enlargement
click to enlarge 32 meters/pixel

Kellogg, Elizabeth Park, Big Creek, Silver Mountain Ski Area and gondola shown on enlargement, along with Dobson and Moon passes; direction to Burke, Mullan and Lookout Pass indicated

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