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2018 Prices and Schedules

The Hiawatha Trail will be open daily from Saturday, May 26 thru Sunday, September 23, 2018. The Trail, trailheads, and facilities are open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. During the peak season, June 19 thru September 4, the hours are extended to 5:30 PM (Pacific Daylight Time). Adult supervision is required for all children under 14 years of age. This page gives the day use and seasonal use fees, shuttle fees and schedule, equipment rental costs, rules of the Route, and suggestions for a safe adventure.
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Trail Fees There is a fee to ride the trail. This fee goes to pay Trail Marshals to be out there everyday making sure that the trail is clean and safe, and to help fund maintenance of the trail. The fees for 2018 are as follows:
  • Day Pass:
    Adult           (up $1 from 2012-2017)
    $7 Child, 6 to 13           (up $1 from 2009-2017)
    children under 6 are free
  • Season Pass:
    Adult           (photo pass now includes shuttle service, same as 2015)
    $29 Child, 6 to 13           (photo pass now includes shuttle service, same as 2015)
    (remember, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult)

You may purchase daily trail passes on-line, at the Lookout Pass lodge, or from a trail marshall along the Route. Please note that the marshalls cannot process credit cards, but will accept checks as well as cash.

Groups larger than 10 people can register together and receive a 10% group discount. Even if you purchase your Season Pass on-line, you will need to visit the main lodge at Lookout Pass (just off the I-90 on the Idaho Montana border), to get your picture ID taken and your pass issued to you.

Shuttle Service

There will be a shuttle that runs daily during most of the season to provide transportation between the ROLAND (upper) and PEARSON (lower) Trailheads. Please notice that Roland is at the WEST Portal of the 1.7 mile long Taft Tunnel. If you leave your car at the EAST Portal, you will end your day by riding back through the tunnel.

The 2018 shuttle ticket is $9 for Adults and $6 for children between 6 and 13 years of age. These are the same prices as in previous summers.

The shuttle schedule is posted at Lookout Pass and at the East Portal, Roland, Moss Creek, and Pearson trailheads.

The shuttle operates 7 days a week from June 9 thru September 16, 2018. Before then it operates on weekends and holidays, beginning on May 26. After September 16, the shuttle operates Friday thru Sunday, September 21-23, 2018. In general, the shuttle will make four runs from ROLAND to PEARSON and back beginning at 11:00 AM each day. On weekends from June 18 through September 3, a fifth run at the end of the day is added... so the last departure from Pearson will be at 5:45 PM, arriving back at Roland at 6:30 PM. The shuttle takes about 45 minutes to travel between the two trailhead parking lots, where there are restroom facilities. Reservations for the shuttle are not taken. It is first come, first seated, so plan your day so that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time, especially on a busy day. Check with the friendly marshals you meet along the Route to confirm that the normal schedule is in effect. The Route of the Hiawatha 2018 season ends on Sunday, September 23.

Normal Shuttle Schedule
Leave ROLAND 11:00 AM
Leave PEARSON 11:45 AM
Leave ROLAND 12:30 PM
Leave PEARSON 1:15 PM
Leave ROLAND 2:00 PM
Leave PEARSON 2:45 PM
Leave ROLAND 3:30 PM
Leave PEARSON 4:15 PM
Arrive ROLAND 5:00 PM
Pacific Daylight Savings Time
Rentals Greg Marsh, weblord, rented bikes on Monday and Tuesday during the 2001 season Mountain Bikes and other equipment may be rented at Lookout Pass Ski Area. Bike racks that attach to the trunk of a car are available at no extra charge, as are 4-bike racks made to fit SUV and truck receivers. Helmets and lights are mandatory because of the many unlit tunnels on The Route. The mostly-Trek bikes come in various frame sizes from 13 to 22.5 inches; They also have ladies bikes with 17 inch frames. Towable Burley kid carriers are available (maximum load 100 pounds), along with "tag-along" bikes for kids who can pedal, but are not able to handle their own bike for fifteen miles. The 2018 rental costs (NOT including 6% Idaho sales tax) are as follows:
  • $33           (up $1 from 2016-2017)
    for a front suspension, Trek 820 Mountain Bike (includes helmet and light)
  • $39           (up $1 from 2016-2017)
    for a Mountain Bike with Trek Navigator 100 frame, front suspension and an extra comfortable seat with a suspension seat post (includes helmet and light)
  • $24           (up $2 from 2016-2017)
    for a child's bike (Trek Mountain Track 220 or 60, includes helmet and light for kids age 13 and under)
  • $24           (up $2 from 2017)
    for Tag-along bikes (includes helmet and light)
  • $26           (up $2 from 2014-2017)
    for a canvas Burley kid's trailer (will hold 2 kids or up to 80 lbs)
  • $7 for additional helmet rental           (up $1 from 2009-2017)
  • $6 for additional light rental           (up $1 from 2009-2017)
Rules The Forest Service has some basic rules for the safe operation of The Route of the Hiawatha. These rules apply to everyone at all times. Please ride safe and be courteous of others while enjoying your trip.
  1. Bicycle helmets and lights must be worn at all times.
  2. Adult supervision is required for all children under the age of 14 years.
  3. Have your ticket on your bicycle at all times. All trail users must purchase a ticket.
  4. Sorry, no dogs or other pets allowed on the route.
  5. Do Not Litter! Bring everything out with you that you brought in: PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT!
  6. Please report any violations of these rules to a Trail Marshal or your shuttle driver.
  7. Any and all vandalism will be reported to authorities and violators will be prosecuted.
  1. Do not stop in the middle of the route or tunnels; pull off to the side and stop out of the way of others.
  2. Do not block the road at any time.
  3. Be courteous of oncoming riders. If you are riding uphill please yield to downhill travelers.
  4. Pull off to the side if you encounter a vehicle in a tunnel.
  5. Use rest rooms at the trailheads. Please do not make a rest room along the trail.
  6. There are numerous tunnels and high trestles. Therefore, this route is not recommended for people with claustrophobia or a fear of heights.
Thank you for your interest in this Silver Valley attraction. Please note that this websuite is in no way associated with Lookout Associates, LLC, the Route of the Hiawatha concessionaire, but is based on public information, my experience renting bicycles for this Forest Service concession during the summer of 2001, and a decade spent counseling recreational tourists at the Wallace Mining Museum and Information Center. I am associated, however, with the Friends of the Coeur d'Alene Trails, a non-profit corporation that actively promotes ALL regional bicycle activities, adventures, and resources.
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US Forest Service, USDA The Route of the Hiawatha operates under a Special-Use Permit of the U.S. Forest Service, in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. If you would like more information about this and other nearby trails and tourist attractions, use the Inquiry Form below to contact the Friends of the Coeur d'Alene Trails, the Wallace Chamber of Commerce, and/or Lookout Associates, LLC.



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