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2008/09 Ski and Snowboard Lessons

(changes from last year noted as usual)

First Time Ski Package
Package is good only for first time skiers and includes rental, lesson and rope-tow ticket. Reservations are recommended. Call 208-744-1301. $42
First Time Snowboard Package
Package is good only for first time snowboarders and includes rental, lesson and rope-tow ticket. Reservations are recommended. Call 208-744-1301. $42
Private Lesson
The private ski or snowboard lesson is the best way to learn. Spend an hour with a professional certified instructor who will analyze your skills and offer helpful tips from the American Teaching System to advance your level of skiing or snowboarding. A private lesson is available whenever you would like to schedule one. Call 208-744-1301 x 15. $40/hour
Private Lesson for Two
A semi-private ski or snowboard lesson can be scheduled. Call 208-744-1301 x 15. $65/hour
(up $5)
$20/hour for each add on
(down $5)
Group Lesson
Group lessons can provide a very fun and affordable way to improve your skills and learn new ones. You are grouped with people at your own ability level. The professional certified instructor will teach the group for one to one and a half hours depending on group size. A normal class size is four to six people. Group lessons are available at Lookout two times per day at 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM (PST) every day we are open, for ages 7 years and up Call 208-744-1301 x 15. $24/session
(up $1)
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