Buzzards Valley

(renamed Claim Jumper by new owner)

(then called B-52)

(now known as Rolling Thunder)


Lookout Pass Ski Area

Lookout Pass is located at the Idaho Montana border on Interstate 90, Exit 0, at the east end of northern Idaho's Silver Valley, and is a full-season ski and recreation area. It is close to the historic town of Wallace and several backcountry areas filled with alpine lakes. More than forty additional acres of intermediate terrain, originally called Buzzards Valley, was opened in the 1998/99 season. Park of this popular area, renamed Claim Jumper in 2001, and B-52 in 2003 by the current Forest Service leasee, is a natural terrain park, featuring NINE notorious TWENTY foot hits along an 1100 foot long "non-conforming natural halfpipe."
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current weather
Current view of I-90 traffic
camera facing northwest
at Exit 0

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History of Buzzards Valley
The original trench with it's twenty foot high piles of rock and dirt resulted from a soil evaluation study carried out in the '60's by a Wallace silver mining company. The area grew a natural vegetation and was lost to view until the Batwaves Underground (aka, friends of Del and Chase Sanborn) liberated the area using chain saws and pruning shears in the heat of four summers. When the time was right, they revealed their handiwork to Lookout's owners. Before the 1997/98 season, access to the "out-of-bounds" area was "by invitation only." For one reason, boarders entering the hidden area needed a snowmobile to tow them back to the lodge. In the summer of 1998, Lookout Pass was permitted by the Forest Service to build a road from the bottom of Buzzards Valley back to the main area. All expert tree routes end at this medium pitched cat track.

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Photos of Buzzards Valley
These photos were taken by Anthony during the 1998/99 season. Many of the photos document the very popular Buzzards Boarder Cross Race Series that was carried out under the direction of Dave Brown and Del Sanborn, with help from myself.
Greg Marsh weblord
Anthony and I had some great times during the 1998/99 season at Lookout Pass. One of the best days was on the next to the last day with 2 feet of champaign powder on a 19 FOOT BASE. The best part of Buzzards Valley for me is the 50 acres of new trees to negotiate.

Greg Marsh

Anthony Cafiero
The first race of the season was on November 27 and was called "Shoot the Buzzard."

the 3 medal winners

the winner of a new board
The second race, the Christmas-X, was held a month later.

Brandon the super star

the other medal winners
The third race, The Kind-X, was held on January 31.

a Kind day from start...

to finish!

Copper Lake Basin

skiers also competed

they won medals

but she won a board as well
The fourth race, The Kiss-X, was held on February 14.

a good day for racing...

or for just hanging out

junior boarder winners

senior boarder winners

lady boarder winners

skier winners included Dave Brown
Director of Snowboard School
The Final Border-X of the Series was held on March 27 with 35 contenders. It featured...
a new drop gate
and an immediate drop off.

boarders were airborne...

but skiers also flew
Speaking of air travel,
check out these shots
taken during the season!
No matter how you ride,
you can't beat the view!

St. Regis Lake Basin
Backpacking Heaven

big hits into deep powder
under blue sky. WOW!

Montana backcountry powder
seen from Lookout's main side
What to do when the last day of the season is March 28 and there is still 19 FEET of snow on the ground? How about a Kayak Race!

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