Randy Knight, P.E.

Licensed Professional Civil Engineer

in Wallace, Idaho

Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering, registered Professional Civil Engineer in Washington, Idaho and Montana, registered Engineering Geologist in Washington. Consulting in the Inland Northwest for over 25 years. Work experience includes: soils and materials testing; subsurface site investigations; construction inspection and management; project design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates for earthwork, transportation, solid waste, stormwater, water and sanitary projects; property and right-of-way acquisition; and environmental assessments, permits, and remediation projects.

Randy Knight, P.E.
126 Mine Street
Wallace, Idaho
(208) 659-1578
Randy Knight, P.E.
Also doing business as
  • Knight Assessments and Inspections, LLC, of Wallace Idaho
  • Pachernegg, Knight and Cascadia Technical Services, PLLC, of Spokane Washington
Wallace Ward 1, 1912 The City of Wallace in 1912
Click to open 1600 pixel wide versions in separate windows Wallace Ward 3, 1912
Wallace Ward 4, 1912 Wallace Ward 2, 1912
Robert S. Merriam, E.M.
City Engineer
Randy Knight, P.E.
126 Mine Street
Wallace, Idaho
(208) 659-1578
Building Inspections in the Silver Valley

If you are looking here, you have already made the wise decision to have a inspection and its smart to collect information prior to a major purchase and obtain an objective professional third opinion.

The inspection is a review of the functional condition of the home or building. It is a non-invasive visual examination to determine if any material defects are present which may significantly impact the value of the home and to identify conditions that may need repair or attention in the future.

Your inspection and report work will be completed by a licensed Civil Engineer with 25 years of experience in construction, civil and environmental engineering. The inspections meet and/or exceed the NACHI standards of practice.

Fee and Scheduling
Fee is dependent on the size and not the condition of the home.
  • $250 for smaller homes (up to 1500 square feet)
  • $300 for medium home (1500-2500 square feet)
  • $350 for larger homes (2500-4000 square feet).
  • Fees for homes over 4000 square feet, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties are based on time and expenses with a $350 base.
  • Most inspections require a minimum of two to four hours on-site and two to four hours in report preparation. Inspection reports are available via email within one business day of completion and on-site work can usually be scheduled within a couple business days. Owners, buyers, realtors are welcome to attend. Inspections can be scheduled in evening or weekends if needed.
  • Payment via Cash, Check or Credit Card payments preferred via Paypal due at the time of or prior to inspection.
  • We can also provide Testing Services with include the container, sampling, transport to the lab and a report back to you.
  • Water sampling for bacteria and/or Lead analysis are $20 per sample plus the $15 lab analysis fee.
  • Radon testing at $50 per sample location which includes the lab fee for three day carbon filter testing along with a metered test requiring two access trips to your location.
  • Asbestos at $30 per sample item which include the lab fee.
  • Soil and house dust sampling for lead at $20 per sample, plus lab fee of $50 per sample.
  • Additional services include Transaction Screens, Environmental Site Assessments and Remediation, offered for commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Environmental Site Assessments (Phase 1) can usually be done for $500-$1000, with the exception of large industrial and agricultural properties or sites with multiple recognized environmental conditions (RECs). Call for quote and additional information.
  • Design services include percolation test, septic design, grading and storm-water designs, containment systems, groundwater and geo-hazard studies.
Randy Knight, P.E.
126 Mine Street
Wallace, Idaho
(208) 659-1578
The "Big Five" Components of Home Inspection....
The inspections focus on "The Big Five" components of functional importance, where material defects are most likely to appear together with consideration of additional components as listed with the focus on safety and value.
Foundation and Structure
Condition of basement, crawlspace, foundation, is reviewed for any water penetration, moisture, cracks, settlement, out of square doors or windows, sloped floors together with review if visible of frame type, general but not specific size and span of studs, rafters, trusses, joists and condition, out of square, over spanned, in contact with ground inspection.
The type of roof covering material, visible condition of covering, flashing, drainage and gutter systems, through the roof components, chimneys, underlying structure, facia, soffits, trim boards, moisture intrusion, structural components and sheathing are reviewed.
The size and type of service, entrance cables, main disconnect and panel, breaker fuse type, grounding and the age of wiring and fixtures are review to determine adequacy and safety of system. A representative sampling of switches, receptacles and fixtures are checked, all ground fault receptacles and breakers are check for operation and location, bath and kitchen fans are checked.
The age, type and condition are reviewed. Inspection includes source type, main shut off check, water heater and it's components, flush toilets, water at representative number of fixtures with multiple fixture flow test, drain, waste and vent system, sumps and pumps reviews.
The age, type and condition are reviewed, location, fuel type and source, operation of and at thermostat, furnaces, heaters.

Additional components inspected beyond the "Big 5" included the lot, landscaping, interior and exterior finishes and features, insulation, ventilation, windows, doors, and appliances.

Randy Knight, P.E.
126 Mine Street
Wallace, Idaho
(208) 659-1578
Environmental Site Assessments
The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is a study of real property and improvements to determine if a past, present or potential recognized environmental condition exists as part of innocent land owner due diligence in a real estate transaction. It is a documented snapshot of the environmental condition of the property prior to transaction to protect sellers of clean properties and buyers of contaminated properties. It is conducted under strict standards of practice found in ASTMs and established due to federal CERCLA laws U.S.C 9601 to facilitate cleanup of properties by potentially responsible parties. It is an appropriate inquiry into the previous ownership and uses of the property consistent with good commercial or customary practice in an effort to minimize liability and often required by lenders.
The Phase I Environmental Site Assessment consists of these elements:
  • A radius search of federal, state and local environmental databases for the subject and adjoining properties together with a review and syntheses of physical setting data.
  • A review of standard historical sources include recorded land title records, aerial photographs, historic and minute topographical maps, fire insurance maps, street directories, building department records, and zoning and land use records.
  • Interviews of past, present, adjoining property owners, operators and tenants.
  • A site reconnaissance of the subject with particular attention to items and conditions revealed during earlier investigation work.
  • Preparation of an Assessment Report detailing environmental database, physical setting, historic use, interviews and site reconnaissance information together with findings, opinions, conclusions, exhibits, and attachments.
Randy Knight, P.E.
126 Mine Street
Wallace, Idaho
(208) 659-1578
Video Creation and Production

Time is billed at $25/hour with a minimum charge of $100. This should be sufficient to shoot and edit a one minute video to include title and credit graphics, music and narration. A typical video will be two to three minutes in length and cost between $200 and $300. The final product will be delivered to you on a CD in the media format you desire, with mp4 being the default. In addition, your video may be placed on a YouTube, Vimeo or other media channel of your choosing. Please call to discuss the concept you want to convey and the scope of your proposed project.

Equipment used in production: Canon G12, GoPro Hero, Canon HD R100, Corel Video Studio X4P, and Hitachi LCD Projector.


Randy has established a Wallace YouTube channel at
WallaceIdaho83873 where most of the above videos live. He also has a channel that features a wide range of subjects, including bicycle evaluations and dog adventures, at rjknightpe.



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