Huckleberry Festival 2015
in Historic Wallace Idaho

30th Year

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Huckleberry Heritage Festival, August 14-15, 2015 On August 14 and 15, 2015, the Historic Wallace Marketing Group (HWMG) will sponsor the 30th Annual Huckleberry Festival. Traditionally held on the third weekend in August, the festival has gone through a few name changes including Heritage Festival, and Wallace Huckleberry Heritage Festival... and sometimes it is just HuckFest for short. Each year it includes a blend of familiar and new events according to the desires of the unique band of volunteers who step forward in the spring to coordinate this major summer festival. In 2015, there is robust feast of events spread out for the enjoyment of everyone in your family. Festival hours are 11 AM to 6 PM on Friday, and 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday, with street music on both days.

Traditional Events
  • Rotary's Huckleberry Pancake Breakfast
    on Saturday, August 15, 7:00 to 11:00 AM, Jr/Sr High School
    Adults $6        Kids & Runners $4
  • 5K Walk/Run on Saturday, August 15 Huckleberry Festival shirt 2015
    • Registration at 7:30 to 8:30 AM, Jr/Sr High School
    • Fun Run starts at 9:00 AM
    • Registration Fee $25 ($30 after August 1)
    • No T-shirt option $20 ($25 after August 1)
  • Election (by bribes made at sponsoring businesses) of the Huckleberry Sheriff and Huckleberry Hound
  • Craft and product vendors on the lawn at the Railroad Depot Museum both days
  • Food vendors on Sixth Street both days
  • Kid activities on Depot lawn both days
  • Music at the Gazebo
    • Friday 1-5PM = DBC Band
    • Saturday 1-5PM = The Loose Gazoonz
  • Wrap up
    • 3PM on the gazebo
    • Drawing of Raffle and Other Prizes
    • Announcement of Huckleberry Sheriff and Huckleberry Hound
Special for 2015
  • DUNK TANK on Saturday
    • DUNK a deputy, 2-3PM
    • All Proceeds go to the FALLEN FIRE FIGHTER FUND!
  • Pie Eating Contest by age groups, Saturday at noon

The Historic Wallace Marketing Group's Booth Registration and 5K Run/Walk Registration forms are available to download as pdf files.

Anyone who would like more information about this festival, or would like to set up a craft or food booth, or has a talent they can lend to the entertainment, is urged to contact the organizers of this event using this form:
  Name:     (required)
  Email:     (required)
I want to be a craft vendor for this festival.
I want to be a food vendor for this festival.
I want to be a entertainer at this festival.
Please call me at
Best time to call:
Please send info as a facsimile to
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IF you are an evil form-filling spambot, you should put something in this box:

Results of the Huckleberry Festival 2014 5K Race
     Overall Winner: Jordan Beehner 21.14 minutes
    Women's Division
  • Under 11
    • Lillian Gyde 27.19
    • Taylor Stovern 37.52
  • 12-15
    • Rya Sheppard 35.33
    • McKenna Truean 37.32
    • Silvia Stovern 38.21
  • 16-19
    • Mallory Stewart 36.13
  • 20-29
    • Kate Valerio 24.32
    • Samantha Sutherland 24.57
    • Ryder Ashcraft 27.29
  • 30-39
    • Monica Escherbaucher 21.55 (first woman finisher!)
    • Michelle Sheppard 27.11
    • Martha House 29.23
  • 40-49
    • Rhea Baylor 24.17
    • Tisha Whatcott 29.30
    • Heide Mackey 29.58
  • 50-59
    • Mashelle Kenney 31.13
    • Kathy Hanson 37.28
    • Elena Grishina 42.48
  • 60-69
    • Peggy Hopkins 1.01.35
  • 70+
    • Ann Curry 43.21
    • Ann Parman 48.33
    • Elnaor Badinger 50.16
    Men's Division
  • Under 11
    • Reed Whatcott 26.41
    • Cameron Stovern 41.37
    • Johnny Stovern 46.24
  • 12-15
    • Zachary Bergem 24.54
    • Ryan Stovern 32.59
  • 16-19
    • no runners
  • 20-29
    • Jordan Beehner 21.14*
    • Nick Albertini 23.50
    • Eric Moore 25.04
  • 30-39
    • Kyle Stern 21.33
    • Cody Griffin 22.27
    • Thomas Ebeling 30.16
  • 40-49
    • Tony Bauer 25.13
    • Mike Maynard 28.29
    • Scott Stovern 46.22
  • 50-59
    • Randy Sather 23.39
    • Tim Douglas 29.46
    • Laverne Hopkins 1.01.37
  • 60-69
    • Micheal Carpenter 32.38
    • John Morse 36.50
    • Arthur Mayer 38.32
  • 70+
    • Ray Pearson 25.45
    • Tony Teske 28.55
    • Larry Curry 32.36

For further information please contact Cindy Lien at Valerie's Flowers 208.752.4771.

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