Sixth Street Gallery

410 Sixth Street, Wallace Idaho

Photography, Copper Art and Unique Jewelry

Mirror Lake, Shoshone County
Blossom Lake, Shoshone County

John R. Darrington works underground at a local silver mine, but has a keen eye for all things of beauty above ground. Whether in historic Wallace or in the majestic mountains that surround his home, John finds inspiration for himself and for all those who visit his eclectic art gallery. Besides photography in all shapes and formats, you will find everything from copper wall art to horsehair and silver jewelry in his newly opened Wallace gallery.      (208) 755-4573

New additions to the gallery

Hoodoo Lake, Shoshone County Mirror Lake, Shoshone County
Pulaski Tunnel, Shoshone County
Pulaski Tunnel Trail
Elmer's Fountain, Shoshone County One of eight city stairs in Wallace
Wallace South Hill Stairs Project
Tunnel Falls, Shoshone County
Canyon Creek Dairy, Shoshone County Mullan Idaho, end of Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes
Revett Lake, Shoshone County

This site is under construction as John and I add more of his photos to his internet gallery. John is currently on assignment underground in beautiful southwestern Colorado, but on his days off he is collecting beautiful mountain panoramas. Please bookmark this page and return from time to time to see more of John's art. Other unique items available for sale at his Sixth Street Gallery will also be displayed this fall. Greg Marsh

Wallace Idaho in the spring Wallace Idaho in the summer
Wallace Idaho in the fall Wallace Idaho in the winter




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