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Greg Marsh

Our goal is to release the creativity in all of us through praising and raising children's self esteem using Fundable Art©. One of our missions is to create a Fundable Art Gallery on the internet to promote art in schools. We have developed an art project that is unique in its approach and personal in its purpose. Art develops a positive, creative, hand and eye coordination, that is as individual as a fingerprint. The Fundable Art project will help raise money for children, in schools, hospitals, and other organizations to promote children's art. Twenty percent (20%) of our proceeds go to charitable organizations or back to your private or public school.  We invite you to join the best art fundraiser ever.
The art project is a one hundred percent (100%) cotton canvas pillow ready for art that a child or any one can create. It is non-toxic and washable. It promotes the arts in schools and on the web. It consists of a cotton canvas, colored fabric pens and a child, the artist. The completed canvas becomes a one of a kind pillow. The pillow is as individual as a fingerprint. It will be photographed and placed in the Fundable Art Gallery. The pillow art is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you and your child may cherish for years, or can be used as a gift for family or friends on any occasion. I believe in the arts.
Best Regards,
Julie Thompson
2003 Silver Valley Arts and Crafts Show

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