Snow Cat and Thiokol LMC DMC Parts

by Spryte Improvement, LLC

Available Parts

Pat Foster, Machinist,
specializing in Snow Cat (over snow vehicle) and Thiokol LMC DMC parts and rebuilds,
based near historic Wallace, Idaho

P.O. Box 145, Wallace, Idaho 83873
(208) 512-9296, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST Mon-Fri
Drive Sprocket LMC 1500WT-1409203 from Spryte Improvement, LLC

ALL NEW - 2009 Production
LMC 1500WT-1409203
Drive Sprocket

Please call us at   (208) 512-9296
Spryte Improvement, LLC for prices.

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OC-4 steering slave cylinder for 1400 Imp and 1200A Spryte

Temporarily Out of Stock

Precision re-manufactured with oversize 303 Stainless Steel piston. Tested to 3000 psi. Uses OEM seal kit. Modern piston design.

wide track drive axle 1400WT-1409119

heavy duty Imp 1400 drive axles
Imp drive axles made especially for Spryte Improvement LLC from AISI-SAE 4340 forged aircraft alloy steel by the original equipment manufacturer in the USA. New production December 2008

standard track drive axle 1400ST-1409095

5 bolt drive axle

Spryte 1200-A final drive axle for OC-4 with reduction boxes

New Production 2010, forged 4140 alloy.
Improved design eliminates snap ring groove

Complete Assembly available,
call (208) 512-9296

Spryte 1200-A final drive axle for OC-4 with reduction boxes

8 bolt drive axle



1400/1450 heavy duty Imp and Super Imp main idler wheel - BOGIE WHEEL

  • wheel (rim)
  • heavy duty tire/tube
  • foam fill
  • SiLLC heavy duty hub w/bearings and seals
  • SiLLC spindle #1405011
  • SiLLC shoulder nuts #1405012
  • Individual components or complete assemblies are offered.


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    1400/1450 Imp and Super Imp spindle and shoulder nuts
  • Spindle machined from 4140 (chrome-moly) alloy steel TGP stock for extra strength and improved bearing fit.
  • Shoulder nuts are machined from 304 stainless-steel hex stock for corrosion resistance. 1ΒΌ inch hex provides a larger spring eye seat, while making bearing adjustment a little easier.
  • Precision machined surfaces improve bearing and seal operation.

Thiokol Spryte 1200-A polyurethane axle bushings

Full set (Two front, Eight intermediate)

Thiokol Spryte 1200-A polyurethane axle bushings
1214071 Disc E-brake pad set for Thiokol 1200, 2100 and LMC 1500

    1214071 Thiokol 1200, 2100 and LMC 1500 parking brake disc pad set of four (4)

We reline your OC-12 brake bands

Call (208) 512-9296 to discuss options

Included with the reline are four (4) new improved 01540-213 brake band anchor clevis pins. They have been proven to be 25-50% stronger than the OEM product.

Relined OC-12 brake bands 01540-213 Si OC-12 brake band anchor, clevis pin from Spryte Improvement, LLC

We reline your OC-4 brake bands

Call (208) 512-9296 to discuss options

Relined OC-4 brake bands

1200/1450/1500/2100 axle bearing kits

bearing lock collar available separately

1200 Spryte axle bearing kits

3405030 LMC 1500 Axle Guard,

Urethane Wheel

3405030 LMC 1500 Axle Guard, Urethane Wheel
click to enlarge these SS OC-12 slave cylinders with boots in a separate window

Spryte Improvement's original 303 Stainless Steel version of Thiokol/LMC 1209114/03-120-046, OC-12 steering brake slave cylinders. Twenty years in production and twenty years in the field with no failures,

Please call us for prices at   (208) 512-9296
Spryte Improvement, LLC
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