Snow Cat and Thiokol LMC DMC Parts


Specializing in the manufacture of Snow Cat (over snow vehicle) and Thiokol LMC DMC parts (1200/1400/1500/2100 series), and the rebuilding and restoration of OC-4, Clark S70F and OC-12 differentials, planetary steering differentials and planetary controlled differential in oil baths. We also work with wet brakes, drive units, rear ends, trans-axle, brake steer, cross drive and skid steer systems.

Based near historic Wallace, Idaho

P.O. Box 145, Wallace, Idaho 83873
(208) 512-9296, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST Mon-Fri

Hi there, winter enthusiasts,
we make various snowcat parts in production and are offering a 303 Stainless Steel version of the Thiokol/LMC OC-12 steering brake slave cylinders to replace rusty OEM units. You won't have to replace these due to rust and ruined pistons, and they are rebuildable using the standard OEM kits. The price for these precision machined parts is $215 each.

For 1600x1200 pixel images of these Slave Cylinders and other Stainless Steel products available from SPRYTE IMPROVEMENT, LLC, please see our Snow Cat Parts Page.

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    Featured Snow Cat parts:
  • Disc E-brake pad sets - 1214071 for Thiokol 1200, 2100, and LMC 1500
  • LMC 1500 Axle guard, urethane wheel - 3405030
  • Drive Sprocket LMC 1500WT - 1409203
  • OC-4 steering slave cylinder - 1422023 for 1400 Imp and 1200A Spryte
  • Standard and wide track Imp 1400 drive axles
    • 5 bolt - 1409095
    • 8 bolt - 1409119
  • OC-4 1200-A drive axle for OC-4 with reduction boxes
    • 5 bolt - 1209064
    • 8 bolt - 1209073
  • 1400/1450 Imp 4140 spindle - 1405011 and Stainless Steel shoulder nuts - 1405012
  • 1400/1450 heavy duty Imp and Super Imp main idler - BOGIE WHEEL
  • Spryte 1200-A polyurethane suspension axle bushings - 0605014 front and 1305008 int.
  • OC-12 brake band relining and clevis pins - 01540-213
  • OC-4 brake band relining and clevis pins - 224391
  • Drive axle bearing kits for Thiokol/DMC/LMC, 1200, 1450, 1500 and 2100

Animation of a planetary steering differential,
used by permission

This simple video shows how the controlled differential steering of a weasel works with improved geometry.

The brakes are engaged, thus the drive shafts on either side will have different ratios and the vehicle turns.

  • Green = unengaged brakes
  • Red = engaged brakes

click to see 1600x1138 pixel photo of rebuilt OC-4

     OC-4, Clark S70F or S70FS Transmission/Differential

    Fluid/Oil: Caterpillar TO-4
  • Above 0°F: SAE 50
  • Below 0°F: SAE 30
  • ~2 gallon capacity
  • fluid level plug on forward left side of the case.

(208) 512-9296
click to see 800x600 pixel photo of rebuilt OC-12 click to see 1600x1200 pixel photo of rebuilt OC-12
click to see 1600x1200 pixel photo of rebuilt OC-12 with reduction boxes

     OC-12 Differentials

Fluid/Oil - Caterpillar TO-4 SAE 30.
Capacity ~ 5-6 gallons or more depending on set up.
OC-12's with hydraulic hoses attached, lower forward part of the case.
Fluid/Oil John Deere Hygard, ~ 10 gallon capacity.

(208) 512-9296


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