2014 Festivals in Historic Wallace and the Silver Valley

Every year sees an amazing range of festivals that help make this the most fascinating small town in America! On this page, I present an enhanced version of the 2014 Wallace Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar. Many Silver Valley events are also included. Several of Wallace's festivals are large enough to warrant their own pages, complete with photos and forms.
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click to see Depot Day 2012
Depot Day 2012
photos, video and winners

The 71th running of the Lead Creek Derby from Mullan to Wallace, June
   16, 2012
winners at the 71st Lead Creek Derby, June 16, 2012
click to open  2010 Photos and Winners page in separate window
Huckleberry Festival 2010
Photos and Winners
click to open Yuletide Lighting Festival 2010 page in separate window
Yuletide Lighting Festival 2010
Four summers ago we commemorated the Great Fire of 1910 and those who gave their lives to fight it.
click to see pdf poster for 1910 Fireman's Ball, Saturday March 6, 2010
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I-90, Montana Exit 0 camera facing northwest
current weather
on Lookout Pass

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JANUARY 2014 Wallace Chamber Newsletter
download 2 page, 651 KB PDF file

10 Joint Chamber Installation Banquet in Wallace (208) 753-7151
Wallace Chamber
11 Ten-week Saturday Free Ski School begins at Lookout Pass
Snow Log and Commentary
(208) 744-1301
19 Winter Carnival, Family Fun Day at Lookout Pass
Snow Log and Commentary
(208) 744-1301
26 Bavarian Brews, Brats and Music Fest at Lookout Pass
Snow Log and Commentary
(208) 744-1301


FEBRUARY 2014 Wallace Chamber Newsletter
download 4 page, 2.29 MB PDF file

15-16 2014 Mardi Gras Party at Lookout Pass Mardi Gras Party at Lookout Pass
Snow Log and Commentary
(208) 744-1301
7, 8, 9,
14, 15, 16,
21, 22, 23
30th season of spring melodrama 30th season of Spring Melodrama
opens at the Sixth Street Theatre with Greater Tuna
written by Joe Sears, Jaston Williams & Ed Howard
click on the radio announcer for PDF poster
(208) 752-8871


Silver Valley Business Expo 2014 Silver Valley Business Expo 2014
at Sunnyside Elementary School in Kellogg, Idaho
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Click graphic to get pdf registration form and more information.
(208) 784-0821
Kellogg Chamber
26 2013 Leadman Triathlon
  • run 200 feet across snow in order to ski/board 1 mile
  • bike downhill 7 to 11 miles
  • run 4.0 to 4.5 miles
  • more information: leadmantriathlon.com
Silver Mountain Resort

1 Sierra Silver Mine miner Sierra Silver Mine Tour opens for the season at the corner of Fifth and Bank Streets (208) 752-5151
1 Silver Streak Zipline Tours Silver Streak Zipline Tours
  • opens for the season at 516 Pine Street
  • West Course: $90 for tour of SIX ziplines traveling 5375 feet
  • East Course: $80 for tour of FOUR ziplines, 1800 foot dual zip
(208) 556-1690
2 42nd Sunshine Mine Disaster Memorial Service (208) 784-0821
3 Loyalty Day Parade in Osburn (208) 753-7151
10 29th annual Depot Day
or Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum Festival and Classic Car Show 2014
in downtown Wallace
2012 DEPOT DAY RESULTS click to see Depot Day 2012
Depot Day 2010

Click on Perfection
to see
Photos and Winners
Dedication of Magnuson Way

Depot Day 2011 DEPOT DAY 2011 WINNERS
Depot Day 2002 DEPOT DAY 2002 WINNERS
Northern Pacific Depot Museum
(208) 752-0111

7 - 8

Wallace Street Fair, June 1 - 2, 2013 Downtown Wallace Street Fair

featuring vendors from the Northwest

Antiques, Arts, Crafts, Music, Kid Games & Food

Friday, June 6, Setup & pre-sale
Saturday, June 7, 8am - 7pm
Sunday June 8, 10am - 3pm

(208) 290-7183
19 - 21

Come see the 73rd running of the Lead Creek Derby from Mullan to Wallace, June 21, 2014 Gyro Days Carnival and Lead Creek Derby in Wallace

Thursday is the start of the downtown Carnival that runs through Saturday night.

The 73nd running of the Lead Creek Derby from Mullan to Wallace will begin at noon on Saturday, June 21, 2014.

The Lead Creek Derby Raffle
is based on the time it takes the Gyro Ball
to float from Mullan to Wallace. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.
  • 1st wins $1000 worth of silver coins
  • 2nd - 6th wins $100
  • 7th - 11th wins $50
  • 12th - 14th wins $25
(208) 512-3965
Wallace Gyro Club
15 Lead Creek Breakfast at the Morning Club in Mullan (208) 744-1601
Dan White
15 73rd running of the Lead Creek Derby from Mullan to Wallace (208) 512-3965
Lead Creek Derby 2010


Click on the Gyro Ball
to see
Photos and Winners

2011 Lead Creek Derby winners

11 - 12 Third Annual Wallace Blues Festival
Best 2012 Blues Festival awarded to Wallace Idaho
21 performers on 6 stages over 3 days

Thank you to the members of the Inland Empire Blues Society for voting our first Historic Wallace Blues Festival the Best Blues Event for 2012, AND our second Bluesfest the Best Blues Festival for 2013!

We are currently putting it all together, so stop back to see the details as they develop!

(208) 512-1260
BluesFest Committee






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