Depot Day 2011 in Historic Wallace Idaho

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click to open 1422 pixil wide image in separate window May 7th is the date, downtown Wallace is the place, and the 26th Annual Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum Festival and Classic Car Show is the event. Depot Day has evolved into a major festival for Wallace, as it celebrates the coming of spring, America's favorite mode of transportation, the automobile, and the nostalgia of the railroads that helped make Wallace "The Silver Capital of the World."

click to open readable version of lower half of 2011 Depot Day poster in a separate window Beautifully restored classic cars will fill the "closed-to-traffic" streets in historic Wallace, where there will also be the music at the Gazebo, lots of activities for kids on the Depot lawn, various ethnic and traditional food booths, and a model train exhibit. The Depot was built in 1902 using special bricks brought from China as ballast originally destined for a huge hotel in Tacoma, Washington.

There will be drawings for several prizes, with the Grand Prize being ~20 ounces of 0.999 fine Idaho silver bars, silver wire and ribbon, together with silver "nuggets" beautifully framed to create an outstanding display by Hal Payne. Second prize is a $75 gift certificate at the Idaho Silver Shop, while third prize is five Sterling silver rounds.

Registration for cars in various categories will be between 7:00 AM and 12:00 PM (fee is $15), and trophies will be awarded at 4:00 PM. Qualify to win $100 raffle with pre-registration. Click on the top half of the official event poster on the right to open a window with the bottom of the poster enlarged. For even more details, see the pdf files below. If you still have questions, you may call (208) 752-0111.

click on the '56 Corvette to see the 2010 trophy winners in all 14 categories and the raffle winners
Click on the '56 Corvette to see the 2010 trophy winners in all 14 categories as well as the raffle winners.

A 2011 information sheet giving more details about this festival may be opened in a separate window.

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click to open PDF poster in separate window There will be the Dinner Dance at the Eagles on Friday night again this year. Click image to open the PDF poster in a separate window.

On Saturday night, Cedar Street will stay closed and there will be a street dance with live music between the Brooks Hotel and the Day Rock.

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Depot Day 1994
The Northern Pacific Depot was moved 200 feet to this location in 1986 when Interstate 90 was built over the town, rather than through it. There was no option for the feds because every building in town is on the National Historic Register.
Depot Day 1994
These buff cars are parked in front of the Oasis Bordello Museum, which celebrates the town's bawdy past.

Depot Day 1994
This piece of art is parked in front of the old Wallace Arts Center, the center of the town's artistic community.

Seventeen years later, the function of the Arts Center has been replaced by Harper's Contemporary Crafts, and the Eagles building now houses Vintage Games. (Silver Pine Mercantile, previously associated with Vintage Games is now located in the White and Bender Building, 520 Bank Street.)

Depot Day 1994
The fellow holding the Grand Prize is Dean Cooper, former owner of Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area.

Seventeen years later, Dean and Jill are the proud owners of the 1313 Club Bar and Grill.

Depot Day 1994
These merchants and many others work to make doing business in Wallace fun all year long.
Depot Day 1994
Wallace festivals are already known for folk music at the gazebo. Some of us are working to make folk music a regular summer feature.

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