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How is this possible? Click to find out! There are a lot of interesting businesses in this town of 784 intrepid souls living at the Center of the Universe, colocated with the Silver Capital of the World. This page attempts to list them all by category with links to their websites and e-mail addresses when appropriate. Click on the color bars to return to this page position.

The 2008 town map is presented in separate windows as a 1008 pixel, 96 dpi JPG image, a 10.5 inch, 300 dpi JPG print, and as the original PDF file. An interactive map of downtown Wallace, as it was in the spring of 2001, may also be opened in a separate window. Wallace businesses that have opened, closed, moved across town or changed ownership since then are itemized below this archival map. Changes in the business scene since then are discussed in the essay "Opportunity of a Lifetime," last updated in April 2007. Since we have had a national recession since then, an update is obviously on my to-do list.

The 1313 Club Historic Saloon and Grill in Wallace Idaho is FOR SALE
The 1313 Club
Historic Saloon and Grill
is FOR SALE! new photo tour of 1313 Club Photo Tour
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Tourist Attractions

Sierra Silver Mine Tour
420 Fifth Street
Wallace, ID 83873
(208) 752-5151
office location on map mine location on aerial photo
This is the only tour of its kind in the Northwest. It offers a rare and exciting opportunity to personally experience the underground world of mining in the richest silver district on earth. The tour begins by boarding a sixteen passenger trolley. On the short trip to and from the mine portal, a narrated tour is given of Historic Wallace. Hard hats are issued at the portal and an experienced miner is your guide as you walk through the main drift of the mine. Displays and exhibits are explained so people of all ages may safely observe equipment in operation and see modern and historical techniques used to mine silver, lead and zinc.

Wallace District Mining Museum
509 Bank Street
Wallace, ID 83873
location on map location on aerial photo
(208) 556-1592

The Silver Valley is the richest primary silver producing mining region in the world. As the center of the mining district and a hub of commerce, Wallace earned the title of the Silver Capital of the World. In just one hundred twenty-five years, over 1.2 BILLION Troy ounces of silver have been produced from mines in this valley, along with 8.4 million tons of lead and 3.3 million tons of zinc. More than five hundred thousand Troy ounces of gold and over two hundred thousand tons of copper have been produced from these mines as well. At the beginning of 2010, about 700 people work in Silver Valley mines, where another billion ounces of silver waits to be extracted from thousands of feet below the surface.

The museum captures the impact of mining history with artifacts and exhibits depicting the hardships, toils and home life of the period. An exhibit of photographs and commissioned paintings helps bring the reality of those early days to light. An eighteen minute video about the gold and silver rushes of the 1880's, the mining wars of the 1890's, the Great 1910 Fire and everything else that has happened since then, is shown by request in a thirty seat theater.

Greg Marsh, weblord, enlightened and entertained weekend visitors to the Wallace District Mining Museum for eleven years
new item     Mining Companies associated with the Silver Valley Greg Marsh, author, enlightened and entertained weekend visitors to the Wallace District Mining Museum for eleven years

Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum
219 Sixth Street
Wallace, ID 83873
location on map location on aerial photo
(208) 752-0111

The elegant chateau styled depot, which houses the two story museum, was built at the turn of the century with unique brick transported from China and concrete panels made from mine tailings. Railroads have been an integral part of the mining district since 1887. In 1976, while still in business as a railroad station, the depot was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A decade later, after the station closed, it was moved 200 feet to make way for the completion of Interstate 90. The celebrated move, rehabilitation and conversion to a museum cost nearly two-thirds of a million dollars.

Each year in early May, the town celebrates Depot Day in conjunction with a Classic Car Show that draws entrants from the entire Inland Northwest.

Oasis Bordello Museum
605 Cedar Street
Wallace, ID 83873
location on map location on aerial photo
(208) 753-0801
When the final occupants of the Oasis Rooms left in January 1988 (the last recorded date in the "hotel" registry), they seemed to have left in a hurry. Clothing, makeup, toiletries, food and personal items were all left behind. An accurate and tastefully-presented twenty-minute tour of the upper rooms explains the mystery of the ladies' hasty departure and gives a glimpse into the town's bawdy past with details that range from poignant to hilarious. The main floor is an unusual gift shop adorned with Robert Thomas murals that depict the realities of mining in an earlier era. The two-story brick building began its existence in 1895 as a hotel and saloon, and is one of the few structures in Wallace to survive the famous 1910 fire. At that time, Wallace men outnumbered women by nearly 200 to 1. The Oasis was one of FIVE brothels operating without hinderance on Wallace's main street until 1973.
Oasis Bordello Send mail to the Bordello For more information, email the Madam at

Sixth Street Melodrama
212 Sixth Street
Wallace, ID 83873
location on map
(208) 752-8871 (Box Office)    (877) SIXTHST (toll free)
Since 1984, this cozy and unique 80-seat theater has encouraged audience participation during its melodramas and musical variety shows performed year-round. Built in 1891, the Lux Building is the oldest remaining wood frame building in Wallace's historic business district. From 1899 to 1977, the upstairs was famous as a "ladies' boarding house." Actually, "Lux Rooms" was one of the town's five celebrated brothels. Visit for additional information.

The 30th Season of SPRING MELODRAMA

Greater Tuna
written by Joe Sears, Jaston Williams and Ed Howard
30th season of spring melodrama
click on radio announcer for pdf poster
  • There will be nine performances from Friday, March 7, through Sunday, March 23, 2014.
  • The Friday and Saturday shows will begin at 7:00 PM sharp!
  • The Sunday shows begin at 2:00 PM sharp!
  • Box Office opens 2 hours before performance.
  • All tickets must be paid for in advance or held with a credit card.
    Tickets are either $16 for students and seniors, or $18.
  • Call 208-751-8871 for Family and Group ticket prices
Friday 3/7/14 7 PM 3/14/14 7 PM 3/21/14 7 PM
Saturday 3/8/14 7 PM 3/15/14 2 PM 3/22/14 7 PM
Sunday 3/9/14 2 PM 3/16/16 2 PM 3/23/14 2 PM

Wallace District Arts Center
610 Bank Street
Wallace, ID 83873
location on map
Sadly, the Community Arts Center closed its doors at the end of September, 2007. Many people in the Silver Valley miss this popular cultural attraction, learning center and display of original local art. However, a new gallery in town, The Sixth Street Gallery (listed under Specialty Shops) fills some of the community's aesthetic needs.
In 1999, the Arts Center moved from the Eagles Building on Cedar Street into the historic Coeur d'Alene Hardware Company building on Bank Street. The renovated facility offered the public a spacious fine arts gallery where special art exhibits were presented every four to six weeks. A gift shop run by volunteers featured art, crafts and jewelry made by local and regional artists and artisans. Frequent classes in various types of media were also offered.
During 2008, the historic Coeur d'Alene Hardware Company was dramatically transformed into the Wallace Brewing Company, which opened its doors early in 2009.

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Hotels and Motels

Bed and Breakfasts

Vacation Rentals

RV Park

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Indoor Recreation Facilities


Coffee and Tea Houses


Social Clubs

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Financial Establishments


Real Estate Companies

Hendrixson Silver Valley Real Estate Jim Hendrixson, REALTOR, Hendrixson Realty
Jim Hendrixson, Broker, REALTOR®
Hendrixson Realty, Inc.
517 Bank Street map location      (where Greg Marsh & Joanie Taylor had their ParlorHouse CyberCafe during the filming of Dantes Peak in 1996)

(208) 556-0223 fax (208) 556-1003
Jim Hendrixson's cell phone (208) 512-1294

Silver Valley real estate listings

Ridge River Realty, LLC
Margie Todd, Broker, GRI, REALTOR®
518 Bank Street map location      (where Tomlinson Black, then Saddleback Realty was before)

(208) 556-0800 fax 556-0600
Margie Todd's cell phone (208) 818-4035

Title Companies

Insurance Company

Stock Broker

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Retail Stores

Antiques & Collectibles




General Merchandise
  • Tabors Emporium
      A Most Comfortable Store
    • Over 30 Unique Vendors
    • Amethyst Geodes & other minerals
    • Todler Denim & other niche finds
    • Antiques and Collectibles
    • Eclectic Assortment of Unusual Gifts
    • Many one of a kind items created by local artisans
    • Home of Placer Village Books
      the Silver Valley's full service bookstore
    600 Cedar Street
    map location
    (208) 752-1128


Hardware, Mining and Auto Supply

Jewelry and Gifts


MP3 Music Store

ALL categories
Classic Rock

Specialty Shops

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Retail Services

Auto Repair

Bobcat, Backhoe, Excavator Services


Fitness Center

Gas Stations

Hair Care


Refrigeration & Heating

Welding and Machine Shops

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Idaho Mining Apparel


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Computer Consultants

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Larger than Local Businesses

Mining Companies

new item     A new page created January 2010 gives more information, including stock quotes and webpages, for Mining Companies associated with the Silver Valley
  • Applied Minerals, Inc.
    formerly Atlas Mining Company
    P.O. Box 968
    630 East Mullan Avenue, Unit D
    Osburn, Idaho 83849
    (208) 556-1181        (208) 556-6741 fax
  • Bunker Hill Mine
    1 Mine Road
    Kellogg, Idaho 83837
    (208) 786-9891
  • Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
    505 Front Avenue
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
    (800) 624-2824
  • Hecla Mining Company
    6500 N. Mineral Drive, Suite 200
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815-9408
    (208) 769-4100     (208) 769-7612 fax
  • New Jersey Mining Company
    89 Appleberg Road
    P.O. Box 1019
    Kellogg, Idaho 83837
    (208) 783-1032     (208) 783-3331 fax
  • Shoshone Silver Gold Mining Company
    has acquired Kimberly Gold Mines, Inc.
    3714 West Industrial Loop
    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
    (208) 664-0620     (208) 664-0626 fax
  • Sterling Mining Company
    P.O. Box 2838
    Coeur d Alene, ID USA 83816
    (208) 666-4070     (208) 676-1629 fax
  • US Silver Corporation
    P.O. Box 1129
    Wallace, Idaho 83873
    (208) 752-1116

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Civic Organizations

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Promotional Organizations

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