Seventh Annual Historic Wallace Blues Festival

Camping, Parking and Accommodations

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2018 Wallace Idaho Blues Festival

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Camping was a big part of the six previous Wallace Blues Festivals, and we know it will be popular again this year as well. This page provides an additional resource for those seeking shelter in a tent. The superintendent of the Wallace School District has made Sather Field available for our overnight guests who prefer camping. The fee will be $10 per night. Sather Field camping proceeds will go to the Wallace School District and NOT to the Blues Festival. The area will be continuously patrolled by security. Showers and rest rooms are available at the adjacent football field. A trolley will transport festival goers the 2.5 miles between the camping area and downtown Wallace on a regular basis.

Those of you with SELF-CONTAINED RV's may park overnight in the open fields along the north frontage road between Silverton and Wallace, as shown. On Saturday, shuttles will drive along the frontage road picking up folks heading into town or back to their RV or tent on Sather Field. This open area is a five to fifteen minute walk along the South Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River into downtown Wallace. The last part of this walk is on a paved non-motorized path.

Please note that the large dirt parking area across from the Visitors Center, available in previous years, is NOT available this year because of contractors' work on the town's sewer system.


Two important details are not obvious from these Google Earth views, but will be familiar to anyone who has visited Wallace in the past.

  1. The non-motorized Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes follows the South Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River between Wallace and Silverton, so if you are traveling with bicycles, this is an easy and very scenic way to travel between your camp and the Blues Festival. Likewise, the north frontage road that runs between the river and bike trail is a low traffic path for all forms of transportation... including shuttles connecting guests with the festival and their RV's or tents.
  2. The Interstate is built OVER the town, with the bike trail and river beneath it. Thus, even tho the festival stage will be adjacent to the Interstate from an aerial view, it is actually quite vertically distant from highway noise.

A one page schedule of the 2018 Festival Line Up is available as a pdf file opening in a separate window.

A GoogleEarth based six-frame Festival Animation showing the road closures and the various Friday, Saturday, and Sunday venues in 2018 is also available. The 1024x705 pixel gif animation opens in a separate window.

As before, Fifth Street will be closed to vehicle traffic from Pine to Cedar Street to accommodate the crowd of dancing people in the street in front of the Red Light Garage. Notice that the pedestrian town party will now include the corner of Fifth and Cedar, where a beer filling station will be located. On Saturday there will be a beer truck within the Main Stage Festival Area on Cedar Street, as well as beverages located within the enclosed Beer Garden, where craft beers from WALLACE'S TWO BREWERIES will be featured. The Beer Garden will also be the source of "Sano's Party Punch." A small music venue, the Fainting Goat wine bar located on Bank Street will appeal to those seeking acoustic blues and quality wine.

Please be aware that the City of Wallace has a long-standing "Red Cup Law" that prohibits alcoholic beverages on the street UNLESS they are contained in standard red plastic cups. ALL adult beverages will be served in these red cups; no cans or bottles will be permitted on the street. Therefore, one does not need to gulp down a brew in order to move to a different music venue, restaurant or bar. Be civilized, pace yourself, take your drink with you, and realize that we are expecting a 90° Saturday. So relax and stay cool in our friendly little town. If your red cup eventually just contains cold water, no one has to know how smart you are. But if you suffer a heat stroke, they'll know how foolish you were.

Please read "Extreme Heat and Your Health," courtesy of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and make sure you stay hydrated as you dance the day away.

RV Parks and similar accommodations
  • Wallace RV Park
          (208) 753-7121
  • Blue Anchor RV Park, Osburn
          (208) 752-3443
  • Crystal Gold Mine RV Park, Kellogg
          (208) 783-4653
  • By the Way Campground, Pinehurst
          (208) 682-3311
  • Country Lane RV Park, Kingston
          (208) 682-2698
  • Kahnderosa RV Park & Campground, Cataldo
          (208) 682-4613
  • Pinehurst RV Park
          (208) 682-3733
  • American Land & Leisure Campgrounds
          (208) 682-9175
      North Fork campgrounds
    • Bummblebee
    • Berlin Flats
    • Kitt Price
    • Devils Elbow
    • Big Hank
    • Honeysuckle

A free public trolley will connect Kellogg with the Wallace Festival. It will start on Friday at 4:30 PM from Kellogg and run every hour until 11:30 PM. On Saturday, it will start at 10:30 AM and run every hour until 11:30 PM. On both days, the final departure from Wallace will be at midnight. There will also be a shuttle running between Sather Field and Wallace on a regular basis. Details about both transportation options may be printed.

Motels and similar accommodations
Wallace lodging is currently fully booked, but there are always cancellations. Kellogg is only twelve miles west of Wallace on I-90; Silver Mountain Resort will provide a public shuttle between towns.
  • Wallace Inn
          (800) 643-2386
  • Stardust Motel, Wallace
          (208) 752-1213
  • Hotel Ryan, Wallace
          (208) 753-6001
  • The Brooks Hotel, Wallace
          (208) 556-1571
  • Hercules Inn, Wallace
          (208) 556-0575
  • Lookout Motel, Mullan
          (208) 744-1601
  • The FairBridge Inn & Suites, Kellogg
          (208) 783-1234
  • Silverhorn Motor Inn, Kellogg
          (208) 783-1151
  • The Trail Motel, Kellogg
          (208) 784-1161
  • Mountain View Cabins, Kellogg
          (208) 786-1310
  • Kellogg Vacation Homes
          (208) 786-4261
  • Morning Star Lodge,
    Silver Mountain Resort
          (866) 345-2675
          Mention "Bluesfest" for DISCOUNT!

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