The Beale House

Bed & Breakfast


Owned and operated by Linda and Jim See at 107 Cedar Street,
a few blocks from downtown Wallace Idaho
(208) 752-7151
or (888) 752-7151

The Beale House in 1906

In 1904, mining attorney Charles W. Beale and his wife, Harriet, moved their family into this stately Wallace home. The above photo was taken in 1906. The Beale family remained here until 1926, at which time it became the residence of the family of Dr. Maxwell T. Smith for the next twenty years. From 1946 until 1984, the famiily of Dr. Paul M. Ellis lived at 107 Cedar. Both physicians practiced medicine at the Wallace Hospital, then located at the corner of First and Cedar Streets. In 1987, Jim and Linda See moved in and began the restoration process, opening their doors to bed-and-breakfast guests during July of 1994.

The present owners maintain contact with family members of former owners and enjoy sharing information and stories passed on to them over the years. Guests are invited to peruse the extensive collection of historic photographs acquired from prior owners and from the renowned Barnard-Stockbridge Photographic Collection housed at the University of Idaho.

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