Wallace Architecture

Photography by Paulette Ross

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Paulette loves the architecture of Wallace. Virtually every building in the downtown area is on the National Register of Historic Places. Many homes in the neighborhood are also listed on the Register. The town, founded by Colonel W.R. Wallace in 1884, burned to the ground in 1890. The rough and ready miners and merchants immediately rebuilt everything with brick. Consequentially, most of the town survived the huge 1910 fire that burned three million acres and killed 83 people. Several downtown buildings have "1890" displayed on their fascia. Wallace exists today as a showcase of Queen Anne, Art Deco, Chicago, Neo-classic, and Arts and Crafts architectural styles. This is because Wallace fought the federal government for more than a score of years until the Interstate System was forced to go over us rather than through us!

Paulette's building, the Rocky Mountain Telephone Building, at 613 Bank Street, was built in 1906 and faces a line of larger buildings built in 1890, some of which are shown below. It conforms to the neo-classical style with columns built into the exterior design, transom windows, copper hardware, and lathe and plaster interior walls.

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photo by Paulette Ross photo by Paulette Ross
The Wells Fargo building on the corner of Sixth and Bank was built in 1916 as part of a "renaisssance revival" in architecture.
photo by Paulette Ross photo by Paulette Ross
The tower on the Rossi Building attracts attention day and night.
photo by Paulette Ross photo by Paulette Ross
We are especially proud of our Carnegie Library (1910) and the White and Bender Building (1890).
photo by Paulette Ross photo by Paulette Ross
The Chicago style of the 1313 Club contrasts with the neoclassic County Court House a block away. Paulette's building is across the street from the popular 1313 Club Historic Bar and Grill, which is currently FOR SALE.

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