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Technical leadership in complex local projects involving computer solutions, or full time employment in a local business where computer and management skills are required.


After earning a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, seventeen years were spent working as a chemistry instructor, synthetic organic and analytical research chemist, mass spectrometrist, and project engineer in eight academic and industrial settings. Last job title was Senior Scientist. Moved to Silver Valley in January 1993 to explore new lifestyle possibilities. Many lessons have been learned about entrepreneurship since then, along with practical skills involving forest and museum work.


Crew Supervisor for Shoshone County's Wildland Urban Interface Fire Mitigation program, 2006-2011; crew member, 2002-2005. This program, free to homeowners, removes excess fuel from around homes bordering on forest land. Work involves use of hand and power tools. Slash is either chipped or burned.

Clerk and Visitor Information provider at the Wallace District Mining Museum, 1999-2010.

Webmaster for the Friends of Coeur d'Alene Trails at

Weblord ("webmaster with attitude") for and


Internet Publishing

return to top Currently doing business as Marsh Scientific Services. This nineteen year learning experience has evolved into a website engineering and hosting resource devoted to the promotion of the local region. Relevant websites are designed to maximise their usefulness to the widest possible audience while providing sophisticated features. This involves the development of server-side includes and perl scripts that do not depend on client configuration, and the selective use of client-side JavaScripts that gracefully degrade on legacy client systems.

MSS has hosted on a server located in San Jose, California, since June 1998. This webworks contains over 350 pages devoted to providing enough information to bring people to Wallace as tourists or as new residents. It provides publicity about festivals and information about businesses in town. The site also provides comprehensive information about skiing and mountain biking recreation opportunities for tourists and locals. Access log analysis, partially summarized below, itemizes over 5.1 million pages retrieved from the domain from January, 2002, through December, 2011.

A separate, much smaller website,, summarizes general and mountain biking information about the Silver Valley, hosts Valley-wide webpages and acts to direct visitors to the larger domain.

A third website,, developed in 2003 and maintained for the Friends of the Coeur d'Alene Trails, promotes the new 72-mile long Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes Rails-to-Trails bike path, as well as other bicycle adventures throughout the Coeur d'Alene and Saint Joe River basins.

A fourth website,, developed in 2004 and maintained for the Silver Valley Mining Association until it ceased operation in 2009, promoted the mining industry in the Silver Valley and informed the public of the history and merits of the region, and the role silver plays in the world's economy.

Access Log Analysis, 2002 - 2011
( open data in separate window)

Retail Sales

Clerking and visitor information services were also provided to the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Museum during the summers of 1994, 1995, and 2002, and to the Wallace District Mining Museum from the summer of 1999 to the spring of 2010.

Rental Shop and Retail Manager at Lookout Pass Ski Area for the 2000/2001 season. Responsible for a friendly and efficient equipment rental experience at this family-oriented ski and snowboard mountain. Supervised a part time staff of nine.

Rental Shop Assistant at the Route of the Hiawatha mountain bike concession on Lookout Pass during the 2001 season. Responsible for a friendly and efficient equipment rental experience; often over fifty bikes were rented during the day in this single person operation.

Business has also been done as Boomtown Distribution.

  1. Six customized computer systems were sold in 1994
    • Railroad Depot Museum
    • Century 21, Total REALTORS (4 in network)
    • Wallace Chamber of Commerce
  2. Various North Idaho products and videos were sold throughThe Best of North Idaho newsletter. This newsletter was the culmination of a year long cooperative effort with G/Video Productions. The third edition (1995) was mailed to over 3600 out-of-state persons who had expressed interest in the Silver Valley.
  3. FIVE REAL ESTATE VIDEOS featuring homes for sale in the Silver Valley and Coeur d'Alene area were produced and marketed nationally (with two others).
  4. Third Class bulk mailing for various persons and Wallace civic organizations was also done under Boomtown’s permit.

Business Consulting

Helped the owner of The Parlorhouse Cybercafe establish and manage this unique Wallace business from April 1996 through January 1997. This eclectic shop offered coffee, tea, pastries, salads, local crafts and products, antiques and ambiance to tourists and locals. E-mail, internet and computer services were provided to 173 patrons, including 48 tourists and 22 people associated with the filming of Dante’s Peak.

Carried out all computer work having to do with the operation of The Jameson Restaurant, Saloon and Inn, from May 1999 through August 2000. This involved all bookkeeping functions, including payroll, taxes, accounts receivable and payable, and daily sales summaries. The position also involved internet and desktop publishing, as well as innkeeping and guest hospitality.

Other Experience

Worked in various forest environments with hand and power tools as a trail crew member subcontracted to the Forest Service, and as a forest worker for Shoshone County’s Wildland Urban Interface Fire Mitigation program, November 2002 through August 2011. Promoted to Crew Supervisor in 2006.


Technical management

Directed and monitored the work of six subcontractors in accordance with an Army contract to build a Chemical-Biological Mass Spectrometer capable of detecting chemical and biological threat agents at subtoxic concentrations. Developed methods to classify pyrolysis mass spectra by feature recognition using sets of equivalent binary rule trees developed from multivariate analysis of MS and MS/MS data acquired on triple quadrupole and ion trap systems.

Mass spectrometer operation

Operated ion trap (CBMS Army Test Model), double focusing (MAT 212, VG 7070, and Jeol D100) and quadrupole (Finnigan 3200 & 4500) mass spectrometer systems. Used GC/MS, MS/MS, Pyr-MS, ±CIMS, FDMS, FIMS, and accurate mass measurement to solve academic and industrial problems.

Organic analysis

Analyzed gibberellin growth hormones in dwarf watermelon seedlings, neonatal and adult steroid metabolites in urine, trace additives in competitor's antifreeze, polynuclear aromatics in carbon fiber feedstocks, noxious odors in the neighborhood of a chemical factory, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in fish and sediment at 1 to 100 ppt concentrations, and airborne chemical and biological agent simulants in the presence of battlefield interferents.

Organic synthesis

Earned Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry in 1974. Taught organic chemistry laboratories and carried out radioactive organic synthesis and analysis during next three years. Subsequent medical center and industrial work involved occasional synthesis of model compounds and analytical derivatives.


CBMS Technical Director and Senior Scientist

Teledyne CME, Santa Clara, California
November 1987 to December 1991

Senior Research Chemist

Occidental Chemical Corporation, Technology Center, Grand Island, New York
November 1985 to October 1987

Professional Staff Member

Arthur D. Little, Inc., Environmental Sciences Section, Cambridge, Massachusetts
September 1984 to November 1985

Project Scientist

Union Carbide Corporation, Central Scientific Laboratories, Tarrytown, New York
June 1980 to September 1984

NRSA Fellow

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Department of Pediatrics, B.F. Stolinsky Research Laboratories, Denver, Colorado
June 1977 to June 1980


University of Colorado at Denver, Chemistry Department, Denver, Colorado
September 1975 to June 1977

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

University of Calgary, Biology Department, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Summers of 1975 and 1976


Blue Mountain Community College, Science Department, Pendleton, Oregon
September 1974 to June 1975



The Reaction between Nitrosyl Chloride and Phenylmagnesium Bromide


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  2. Determination and quantitation of steroid levels ; P.G. Marsh and P.V. Fennessey; Proc. West. Pharmacology Soc., 22 , 91-6 (1979).
  3. Metabolic steroid profiling ; P.G. Marsh and P.V. Fennessey; Proc. Amer. Soc. Mass Spectrometry, Seattle, 1979.
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  7. Ozonolysis of organomercurials ; P.E. Pike, P.G. Marsh, R.E. Erickson and W.L. Waters; Tetrahedron Letters, 31, 2679-82 (1970).

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